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20191113 21:29 EmmittTip ***SPAM? 1*** 日本片商合法授權 極道光碟屋 台中AV女優光碟店 日本片商合法授權 – AV女優光碟.名器專賣(未滿18歲禁止)
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20191113 20:00 Skidmark
Trump's rebuttal
20191113 09:17 Deacon Blues I am now practicing a more healthy life style. I park out front and walk into the Dunkin Donuts instead of using the drive-up window.
20191112 21:23 Frank G I don't believe Herb is a bot. He's just a defeatist SJW who believes every jihadi that drops a gun is now a "civilian", who doesn't want to defend American interests outside our borders and would be the first to bitch if they were deployed on our borders. A twat
20191112 13:33 SteveS Recently in the comments, a certain party - let's call them X - has been accused of being a bot. A friend sent a link to a text generating AI. I couldn't resist using part of an actual comment as seed text:
The center of gravity of Islamic terrorism is their grievance that we occupy their countries and kill their people.

Your mileage may vary since the output is non-deterministic, but I found some of the results to be quite plausible and difficult to distinguish from X's actual comments.
20191112 12:37 3dc Facebook just blocked Trump speech in NYNY for content.
20191112 11:40 Glenmore Just had a nightmare - Greta Thunberg & David Hogg married and had children...
20191112 09:18 Deacon Blues A one hump camel is called a dromedary. What is a no-hump camel called?
20191111 12:43 Skidmark STDs killed the dinosaurs?
20191111 12:42 Skidmark Watch live as SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites with a thrice-flown Falcon 9 rocket
20191111 08:55 Deacon Blues Do you know why T-Rexes can't clap? Because they are all dead.
20191111 07:38 Skidmark A Beginner’s Guide To Flight Tracking
20191111 01:47 trailing wife You’re our very own Rodney Dangerfield, Deacon Blues. :-D
20191110 08:43 Deacon Blues Some Wal-Marts have opened dentist offices in their stores. There is an express lane if you have 12 or fewer teeth.
20191109 19:04 trailing wife You’re on a roll, Deacon Blues. Whatever you do, don’t straighten out. ;-)
20191109 09:24 Deacon Blues I got a Facebook friend request from Jeffry Epstein. I don't whether to accept it or leave him hanging.
20191108 18:20 Deacon Blues Never iron a 4-leaf clover. You don't want to press your luck.
20191108 17:07 Skidmark
20191108 02:18 Alaska Paul Here is some crazy flat footing. Down Home stuff!
20191107 09:00 Deacon Blues I sometimes wonder what happened to strangers who I gave directions.
20191106 20:58 SCFI TW (and others), to embed an YouTube video even when YouTube "disabled embedding", just go to the video in question, right mouse click on it and then click on "copy embed code".

Paste in comment window somewhere.

Easy peasy...

20191106 10:49 trailing wife Pretty much anything one wants to know, Mercutio, someone here at Rantburg will have the answer — and probably be a subject expert. :-)
20191106 09:16 Mercutio Thanks to SilentBrick for IDing that ols Clarke SF story
20191105 23:26 trailing wife Post it here, SR-71 — let’s see what you’ve got.

20191105 12:34 SR-71 I have a good braying jackass photo for Bernie if anyone wants it!
20191105 09:25 Deacon Blues Sorry, F-16
20191105 09:24 Deacon Blues Real cool paint job on this F-15
20191104 22:35 newc Several Alaska volcanoes are showing unrest this week with advisories and watches in effect from the Alaska Volcano Observatory. Take a look at the latest images of lava and ash captured by both pilots and satellites flying overhead.
20191104 12:48 Deacon Blues The link to my previous.
20191104 12:45 Deacon Blues During the last 7 days, there has been an earthquake swarm directly along the New Madrid Fault zone, Kansas and Oklahoma have been hit by a very unusual number of significant quakes, and there have been several sizable seismic events in the vicinity of the Yellowstone supervolcano. But of course the west coast is getting hammered more than anyone else. According to Cal Tech, there have been more than 1000 earthquakes in California and Nevada over the last week, but of course most of them have been very small. Overall, the latest USGS numbers tell us that there have been more than 2,000 earthquakes nationally during the last 7 days, and apparently we aren’t supposed to be alarmed by that. But could it be possible that all of this seismic activity is leading up to something really big?
20191104 00:08 SCFI Glad to be of help TW! :)

20191101 12:06 Thing From Snowy Mountain 3dc: I notice the redone Starship is being moved to the pad vertically. It's like they're not doing it like the Falcon and the Russian boosters, where it gets wheeled out on its side, and then raised.
20191030 23:03 3dc Thing - look at that
20191030 23:02 3dc Here he is:
20191030 23:01 Thing From Snowy Mountain Can I file for whistleblower status? After all, I've seen the motherfucking tape of Joe Biden bragging about blackmailing Ukraine that this asshole wasn't concerned about.
20191030 11:28 Deacon Blues For my next prank I'mm going to fill a whoopie cushion with dark chocolate pudding.
20191029 15:16 49 Pan SO he put the betterment of the Ukraine in front of the president of the United States. His loyalty to his nation is definitely in question here.
20191027 18:52 SCFI Ahh okay, on iPads, itr's also easy, I got the following from

On an iPad with Face ID

Press the Top button and the Volume up button at the same time. Quickly release both buttons.
Tap the thumbnail to add drawings and text with Markup, or press and hold the thumbnail to share the screenshot. Swipe left on the thumbnail to dismiss it.

On iPads that support Apple Pencil, you can swipe your Apple Pencil from the bottom-corner on either side of your iPad screen to take a screenshot.

On iPhone 8 or earlier, iPad, and iPod touch

Press the Top or Side button and the Home button at the same time. Quickly release both buttons.
A thumbnail of your screenshot appears in the lower-left corner of your device. Tap the thumbnail to add drawings and text with Markup, or press and hold the thumbnail to share the screenshot. Swipe left on the thumbnail to dismiss it.

To find the screenshot you just took, along with ones you've taken before, go to Photos > Albums and tap Screenshots.

Again hope this help!

20191027 15:16 trailing wife 20191027 14:56 SCFI TW. Grabbing a screenshot is real easy, key here is a good graphic software you can use. If you are using Windows 10, there's "Paint 3D" that's already in your system.

First, st up the screen you want to grab, then press the "print screen" key (usually located somewhere on the upper right side of your keyboard), This will "copy the screen to your clipboard.

Open Paint 3D and select "new". Paste to the new area, crop/modify as you want and save in a Rantburg approved format.

Insert the new image as needed.

Hope this help!

P.S. You can use any graphic software you desire, I used Paint 3D as an example

I work on an iPad, Seeking cure. It suits my end-user lack of skillz, and is much easier to nap with than a laptop. I assume the thing came with graphics software of some sort, but as I only really use the thing for reading, working up articles for Rantburg, and the occasional solo game of Bejeweled, I can’t say more than that.
20191021 15:52 Deacon Blues I spotted an albino Dalmation this morning. It was the least I could do for her.
20191020 19:40 Frank G Noted, Pan, although I had no scan warnings on my viewing
20191020 07:50 trailing wife Spam ? I'm a friggin' nigerian 419 ?

Come back, Dron dear! You aren’t spam. That’s just another bit of Fred’s homegrown code, to cue us moderators that someone new has joined the chatroom and might be spam in need of deleting. Comment X times in a row with the same nym and the O Club accepts you as one of us.

Glad to see you’re enjoying Rantburg’s possibilities. Did you see The Classics, and Fred’s Bio?
20191019 17:06 swksvolFF No TWIB this week; good busy.

Good to hear badanov is doing well.
20191019 11:16 Visitor
20191018 19:09 Frank G Latest FF Browser: anybody else have trouble seeing Tweet links? Just started
20191016 16:18 Glenmore Seems pretty 'consistent' to me, it's what businesses do. I don't agree with it, or like it, but it is no surprise. It is also pretty much what the Federal government has done my entire life - take from me today and promise me all sorts of wonderful things for tomorrow.
20191016 08:55 SR-71 Excuse me if this is not the place. How does the photo button work when posting comments. I had a good photo for Gretta.
20191014 19:08 SCFI I don't use a tablet just Windows and Linux computers.

There are settings as you suggested, but they have this annoying tendency to change a lot of display feature, to an undesirable degrees.

I've discovered, if i select the "comment" button, all those unreadable fonts becomes clear and black. since this twitter thing doesn't appear too often, i can do this with no problem.