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20191207 14:06 Thing From Snowy Mountain Some of the previously deleted word salad spam needed to be read in the voice of Daniel Day Lewis' character from There Will Be Blood.
20191205 06:00 3dc Seen on twitter: "NATO = Needs America to Operate"
20191204 09:38 SCFI TW, Yes I knew that Fred was having a bit of fun! But it was still a horrible pun!

20191202 10:54 Deacon Blues A friend went to Spain and had a wonderful time except he got very sick. He called to the desk from his room and asked for some aspirin to be dent up. The desk clerk said she would send up the Inn's doctor. The doctor diagnosed him with a simple cold. My friend said he didn't know Spanish inns had doctors on call. The doctor said, "Haven't you heard of the Spanish Inn Physician?'.
20191201 01:16 newc
20191128 12:18 SteveS > He’s been generous about not calling us on it, too.

Part of the fun of being right is the gloating. Even if you have the good manners not to do it out loud.
20191127 19:07 trailing wife I’m quite certain he is not, Steve. After all, there was a time when I was concerned about Mr. Trump’s character and history — during the primary, Dale was his big supporter here, and stood forthrightly against all our arguments. He’s been generous about not calling us on it, too.

The interesting thing is that, for all I’ve been told repeatedly that the music industry is nearly exclusively strongly Progressive, and despite the efforts of wealthy leftwing Baby Boom performers to groom a new generation to their way of thinking, a number of people in that world have either stated to me directly or made it clear by their comments (or silence at critical points) that they are conservative, even Trump supporters, but they don’t want to introduce politics into their work or polarize the fans.

20191126 00:58 trailing wife But the government Dole will rot your soul back there in your home town.

So important.

Separately, I am in shock. One of the blues guys I know — performer, producer, house flipper between times — who has made it very clear for a while that he loathes, loathes, LOATHES Donald Trump, and whom I therefore assumed was a yellow dog Democrat at best, suddenly yesterday admitted —unprompted, no less — that even though he loathes Donald Trump, he agrees with the things the Donald has done since the election, because the blues guy is a real conservative. This was Sunday. I’m still trying to come to terms with it.
20191124 07:22 Frank G *groan*
20191123 16:49 Deacon Blues What do you call it when a midget waves at you? A microwave
20191123 16:48 Deacon Blues Why did the electron leave the atom? Because it had its Ion someone else.
20191120 23:42 3dc Youngest warned me to take Tor with a grain of salt. He said 1/2 their re-directors are an USN domains.
Said folk wondered what the NAVY was up to.
20191120 18:40 swksvolFF Dude told me a story about clicking on a picture and getting rep calls from two companies in US and one from Canada.