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20200401 14:50 Alaska Paul Good to see you up again, Badanov.

"The police are not here to create disorder, they're here to preserve disorder."
Richard Daley, former Chicago mayor
20200401 12:27 Alaska Paul Congradulations, Grandpa Glenmore! I have six grandchildren, and one more scheduled for June.
20200401 12:26 Alaska Paul On the malaprop front:

"I love you more than life itself," she said with a voice full of emulsion.
20200401 10:32 Deacon Blues I thought you already were, AP.
Congratulations, Glenmore!
20200331 17:35 Frank G Congrats!
20200331 15:42 Glenmore I am a grandpa again!
20200331 11:35 Alaska Paul May I join the Society of the Dubble Meaning now?
20200331 10:10 Deacon Blues Love it, AP!
20200330 19:59 SteveS > "Is anyone in the O-Club considered to be corrigible?

If corrigible/incorrigible is one of those deals like flammable/inflammable, then the answer is yes. If not, then the answer is yes.
20200330 19:12 Alaska Paul What happens when you eat too many spaghetti-o's? You have a vowel movement.
20200330 19:09 Alaska Paul Good one, Deacon? How about this?

A scarecrow says, "This job isn't for everyone, but hay, it's in my jeans."
20200330 17:40 Skidmark Well, the aquarium pump concept was good but the pilot failed to launch.

I found a recipe for hand sanitizer at the liquor store today and it looked so good, well without the soap, I thought "why waste it on hands!"

Bong breathing is now in the concept workshop.
20200330 17:29 Deacon Blues I ran out of toilet paper and began using lettuce. That's just the tip of the iceburg. Results romaine to be seen.
20200330 17:23 Dave D.
"Is anyone in the O-Club considered to be corrigible? I yam doing a survey."

If I were corrigible I wouldn't have stuck around here for 18 years.

20200330 17:02 Deacon Blues I wanted to go to Wal Mart and was told all I needed was a face mask and gloves. They lied. I needed clothes, too.
20200330 16:04 Alaska Paul Like Jimmy Durante used to say, "Everybody wants to get into the act!!"
20200330 08:46 Deacon Blues As they say around here, it's a compelshun.
20200330 03:40 Grunter I’m corrugated and corruptible.
20200330 03:30 Skidmark Ah'm inflammable...
20200329 19:22 Alaska Paul Is anyone in the O-Club considered to be corrigible? I yam doing a survey.
20200329 18:08 Alaska Paul Glenmore---population densities in epidemiology seem to be analogous to cross sections in fission (nuclear physics).
20200329 11:13 Glenmore Got to looking at the data on this Wuhan Flu & a couple of things came to mind. 1) Despite what people keep saying, the growth rate cannot be exponential, because there is a limit to its growth - the growth rate must eventually fall as the total population gets infected. 2) It reminds me of nuclear fission reaction - needs a high enough population density for a virus particle (neutron) to interact with a vulnerable person (fissionable atom); thus the higher growth rates in places of higher population densities (cities, especially public transit focussed cities) , especially vulnerable population densities like nursing homes, Italy and Iran.
20200328 10:22 Dave D. I like being incorrigible. It feels good!
20200328 10:00 trailing wife You lot are incorrigible. :-)

20200327 19:59 Dave D.
I value tradition, Deacon, so I'm staying on the same end of the couch I've always sat on.

So there.

20200327 19:40 Glenmore I see some 9000 retired medical personnel have responded to the call for assistance; as retired commissioned officers couldn't they be called back to active duty involuntarily? Or is that what they mean was done?
20200327 17:54 Deacon Blues I promised myself I would do things differently today so I'm sitting on the other end of the couch.
20200326 20:21 Skidmark It's all based on body demand and lung capacity

This device is NOT FDA certified nor Rantburg recommended.

But it will give one overpressure @3000cc of air/min for $14.00. Just about the trickle of O2 one gets from a nose tube. If you add nose tubes.

X-peer-I-meant underway, if you don't hear from me. I may require more air than a bubblestone.
20200326 19:56 Skidmark Here are some specifications on a CPAP fan, Skidmark.

Sufficiently vague specifications, AP.
20200326 19:24 Alaska Paul Oh Gawd, Deacon, yer killin' me!
20200326 16:47 Deacon Blues I just noticed two large bumps on my car battery so I had it tested. One came back positive. I hope it's not terminal.
20200326 16:44 Deacon Blues Finland has closed it's border. No one is allowed to cross the Finnish line.
20200326 16:34 Deacon Blues I tried making hand sanitizer. It came out as jello shots.
20200326 09:44 Deacon Blues Good one, Steve S!!
20200325 22:58 SteveS That Deacon! He's a self-propelled, belt-fed PunPocalypse. He could make a pun on any subject. Except Queen Elizabeth. The Queen is not a subject.
20200325 15:11 Glenmore "It is just a matter of time before congress critters all come down with the disease."
You say that like it's a bad thing...
20200325 14:31 Dave D. Deacon is out of control!
20200325 13:10 Deacon Blues The pundemic will continue.
20200325 13:09 Deacon Blues Two aliens in the future. One asked the othe, "What happened to the human race". The other said, "They used too much toilet paper and wiped themselves out".
20200325 13:08 Deacon Blues I ran out of toilet paper so I started using old newspapers. The Times are tough.
20200325 10:17 Deacon Blues Lincoln described how democrats used to place the blame on republicans: “a highwayman holds a pistol to my ear, and mutters through his teeth, ‘Stand and deliver [give me your money], or I shall kill you, and then you will be a murderer!’”
20200324 18:58 Deacon Blues What do clouds wear under their clothes? Thunderpants
20200323 18:10 Alaska Paul However, Skidmark, I think that a muffin fan will do the trick. Occam's razor and all that.
20200323 18:06 Alaska Paul Here are some specifications on a CPAP fan, Skidmark.
20200323 01:44 Skidmark Of course my PC is 11 years old and doesn't have a CPU temp sensor for the fan. Some, I suppose can be disabled in the boot bios to run at full speed.
20200323 01:37 Skidmark AP, I was thinking to funnel-up the fan on my PC because I spend so much time here, then a 3/8 hose on the funnel throat to my nose.

Anybody on a sleep apnea compressor already has a solution.
20200321 10:46 Deacon Blues Maybe the census should be postponed until after the pandemic.
20200321 00:12 Skidmark and a funnel

gives you a air concentrator.

About $12.
20200321 00:12 Skidmark A computer 'muffin' fan

20200320 23:26 SteveS Lots of sassy comments in the 'Burg.
It is a good day to snark.
20200320 18:16 Skidmark I must be hungover.
Ah've got a angry, apathetic cloud in my head.
20200319 11:35 Deacon Blues Thanks for the information, Frank.
20200318 07:47 trailing wife Good morning, all! Welcome to the first Wednesday of The Distancing.